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A paranormal investigation into the haunted Norman the Doll at a hotel in Suffolk, VA with author and Phenomenologist Stephen Lancaster, Demonologist Darren Evans and Paranormal Investigator Christina Parker.

Find out more about Norman in the book, Norman: The Doll That Needed to Be Locked Away.

Watch the Travel Channel's A Haunting: Norman The Doll.

Author Stephen Lancaster and restaurant owner Kim Masson showcase the evidence gathered that support a haunting at the Brentwood Wine Bistro in Little River, South Carolina.

Find out more about the Brentwood in the book, True Case Files of a Paranormal Investigator.

VISITANT (Full Preview)

An extended inside look at the upcoming film featuring exclusive interviews.

Storyline: Author Stephen Lancaster assembles a team of paranormal researchers to investigate a case involving six suicides, a former Mayor, and a tormented family. They embark on a supernatural journey to a grief-stricken historic home, an abandoned church, cemeteries and a 700 acre former Native American reservation that contains bizarre and amazing secrets.
INTERVIEW: Carolina & Company

Author and producer Stephen Lancaster stops by the set of Carolina & Company to discuss filming with A&E Biography and the ghosts of Brentwood Wine Bistro.

FANTOME (Full Preview)

Author Stephen Lancaster and expert paranormal investigators reveal nine years worth of research in favor of an authentic haunting inside the historic Brentwood Wine Bistro. Compiled as a documentary, the film explores the video evidence, the history and testimonies concerning the supernatural happenings at the Bistro.

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THE HOTEL AIKEN (Full Episode)

Paranormal investigators Stephen Lancaster and Ryan Lick research the Hotel Aiken in South Carolina.

Chronicled in the books True Case Files of a Paranormal Investigator (2012) and Dark Spirits (2016).

Paranormal investigators Stephen Lancaster and Allen Bess research the case at the Music House in which it is believed to be haunted by a phantom child.

Chronicled in the book True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator (2012).


Lancaster Talks Documentary on Carolina and Company LIVE. He discusses his new documentary project entitled "Wraith" and reveals a few pieces of footage from the film. 


Author and Paranormal Investigator Stephen Lancaster goes into details about his true life story of coming face to face with ghosts and entities from the otherside.