Stephen Lancaster
Author & Phenomenologist
Author and Phenomenologist Stephen Lancaster (North Carolina) has been involved in the field of paranormal research since 1997, conducting investigative work for politicians, military facilities, the board of education, museums, commercial locations, businesses, television, and civilian properties. His research is recognized by the US government. Lancaster has a plethora of knowledge across Cryptozoology, Ufology, history and ghosts and hauntings.

He has appeared on MonstervisionTV, NBC Universal's Shocking...Scary...Paranormal Videos, A&E Biography's My Ghost Story and Travel Channel’s A Haunting. Stephen also appears in Amazon Prime’s Fantome: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro; a paranormal documentary revolving around the most haunted restaurant in the world. 

Since 2010, through Llewellyn Worldwide, he has published four books chronicling his work in the field of paranormal research with two new releases slated for 2020. 

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Norman 2: The True Story of a Possessed Doll’s Revenge (2020) Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2020)

After the events of Norman, paranormal investigator Stephen Lancaster gave the possessed doll his own room, and it made him quiet and content...until now. This terrifying sequel reveals that a spirit like Norman can never truly be at rest--and that revenge is his only desire.

Norman 2 chronicles the haunted doll's latest attacks on the Lancasters. From setting himself and the barn on fire to injuring the family dog, Norman is determined to put Stephen, his wife, his daughter, and his grandchildren through Hell. When things get even worse, Stephen is forced to accept that something must be done to stop Norman...permanently.

Norman 2 includes the last known literary work of the late Rosemary Ellen Guiley as well as contributions from demonologist Darren Evans. The book will be released on September 8, 2020.
The Haunts and Haints of North Carolina (2020) Schiffer Publishing (Fall 2020)

Stephen has signed with Schiffer Publishing for this release. Tentative title is, The Haunts and Haints of North Carolina.

Currently in production. Cover artwork and release date have not been made official at this time. The book will revolve around profound and intriquing haunting cases in the state of North Carolina that Stephen Lancaster worked.

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Norman: The Doll That Needed to Be Locked Away (2018) Llewellyn Publications (April 8, 2018)

When the doll was handed to me, I said he looked like hell. The woman who sold him to me replied that something coming from hell was bound to look like it. From the very first day paranormal investigator Stephen Lancaster brought him home, Norman the Doll raised hell. He caused sudden infestations of rats and spiders. He frightened dogs and put children in trances. He even moved on his own in video surveillance footage. That was just the beginning. Norman takes you on a chilling journey into Stephen's life with a doll that has held the spirit of an unborn child for over fifty years―a haunted doll that still lives in Stephen's house. 

"Dedicated readers of horror and internet creepypasta stories will thrill to the mounting evil and the ersatz solution Lancaster and his wife devise to appease Norman. A must-read for fans of the Chucky and Annabelle movies."―Booklist


Dark Spirits: A Man Terrorized by the Supernatural (2016) Llewellyn Publications (August 8, 2016)

Driven to the brink of insanity by some of the darkest encounters with the supernatural you can possibly imagine, paranormal investigator Stephen Lancaster has made the afterlife his life. Dark Spirits chronicles his most terrifying investigations over the last fifteen years, highlighting how those cases have affected him and the ghost-hunting field as a whole. Explore the mysterious hotel room that drives occupants mad. Discover the abandoned plantation that made heavily armed investigators fight for their lives. Learn about the dark entity that followed Stephen home and made his life a living hell. These frightening stories and much more await you in. Dark Spirits, a compilation of haunting cases no one can explain or forget.

"I've been reading ghost tales for YEARS. And nothing has spooked me more than Stephen Lancaster's writing."―Goodreads


True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator (2012) Llewellyn Publications (August 8, 2012)

Join ghost hunter Stephen Lancaster on his most thrilling paranormal encounters. When ten-year-old Stephen was attacked in his bed by an invisible apparition, he became obsessed with the answer to one question: are ghosts real? Now, as a professional researcher and paranormal investigator, Stephen brings you face to face with his most gripping, bizarre, and frightening experiences. Go behind the scenes on a fascinating adventure of paranormal phenomena, from the merely incredible to the downright terrifying. Learn about the uniquely designed equipment Stephen uses to capture spirit voices, otherworldly orbs, and extraordinary ghosts in each riveting encounter. From the notorious Brentwood Wine Bistro to Old Coney Cemetery to Poogan’s Porch Restaurant, you’ll devour every delicious detail of these historic, haunted investigations. If you don’t close this book believing . . . you never will.

"A must have for all paranormal enthusiasts."―Amazon
Paranormal Investigator: True Accounts of the Paranormal (2010)

Paranormal Investigator: True Accounts of the Paranormal, is a non-fiction book focusing on eight well documented cases of paranormal activity as chronicled by paranormal researcher Stephen David Lancaster II. From his first childhood encounter to experiences twenty years later, Lancaster opens the folders of his files sharing some of the most productive, memorable and indisputable cases from his years of paranormal research. The haunting evidence of Poogan's Porch Restaurant, the Brentwood Wine Bistro, the Music House, Emily's House and others are included. The book also includes an in depth look into the Industrial Facility case that was featured on NBC Universal in October 2009 where they revealed Lancaster's video footage of the infamous Cowboy Ghost.

"After reading this book, my interest in the paranormal have heightened and because Stephen Lancaster is able to pick you up, right from the beginning, and never let you back down until the end, this was a SUPER READ!"―Amazon